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Passing Through

by Roadside Revue

Passing Through

1. The Ancient Tunes     
2. Freight Train     
3. The Withlacoochee Way     
4. Right Before Our Eyes     
5. Passing Through           
6. The Big Rock Candy Mountain          
7. The Fly     
8. Only Baloney          
9. Grandma's Song     
10. Whippoorwill    
11. Bad Sally
12. Swamp Envy     
13. Why
14. Gravel Road    

CD Review by Mike Jurgensen

Getting Out of Town

Roadside Review

  Getting Out of Town

1. Now I've Seen It All
2. Getting Out of Town
3. Dear John Deere
4. Sailor's Lament
5. Gettin' Up Early
6. Elk River Blues
7. Ancient Tunes
8. Backroads
9. Saw Palmetto
10. Okeechobee River Blues
11. A Dance in Time
12. Let the Harvest Go to Seed
13. Florida Souvenirs
14. State of Harmony

In the years just before the band’s formation, Ron & Bari released their Gospel Thanks Given and Keep the Spirit Alive Album.  As the band evolved and formed, this has been a thread throughout their lives and music and has reached deep into the band’s psyche.  For these reasons, the Roadside Revue’s albums are woven together with the songs of other Florida Folk musicians who have made a lasting impression on so many.  We hope you enjoy the music and join us on the journey with the Roadside Revue.

Gospel Thanks Given
Ron & Bari

  Gospel Thanks Given

1. Gospel Thanks Given    
2. The Master's Throne       
3. Presence Of The Lord      
4. I Want To Sing That Roc
5. Far Side Banks Of Jorda
6. Carpenter Shop         
7. He Will Guide You Home
8. Teach Me To Fish        
9. New Jerusalem         
10. I Saw The Light

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Keep the Spirit Alive Casstte cove165Keep the Spirit Alive
Ron & Bari

Keep the Spirit Alive
       Ron and Bari

Recorded back in  1994. Collection of 10 songs, including many originals by Ron and Bari.
Available in cassette-only at this time.

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